Standard Low Voltage Capacitor banks
Low Voltage Capacitor banks with filters
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Low Voltage Capacitor banks with Thyristors and filters
Thyristors and Filters
Thyristor modules for low voltage Capacitor banks
Thyristor modules
Rack module for low voltage Capacitor banks
Rack Modules

LIFASA automatic capacitor banks are used for centralized compensation of power factor in low voltage installations.

These equipments are supplied completely assembled and ready for use: it is only necessary to connect it to the mains with cables of adequate cross section, and to supply the operation signal from a suitable current transformer.


LIFASA automatic capacitor banks are composed of the following elements:

  • High rupturing capacity (HRC) fuses connected to a busbar system.
  • Contactors specially adapted to the work with capacitors.
  • Inrush current limiting inductances.
  • Fast discharge resistors.
  • Low losses power capacitors.
  • Reactive power controllers.
  • Terminals for neutral and ground conductors.
  • Metal cabinet containing all the switchgear.


  • Equipments wired and tested at works, full finished and supplied with all control and safety devices.
  • Easy transportation and installation due to their light weigh.
  • Easy selection of the most appropriate cos φ to avoid penalty charges on tariffs.
  • Long life and high reliability, thank to the use of self-healing and low losses capacitors.
  • Wide range of power (from 5 to 1600 kvar, 440 V) with standard equipments for immediate delivery.
  • Option of including various accessories.


On request, automatic capacitor banks can be produced to customers special requirements. Among the different possibilities are the following:

  • Other voltages and frequencies.
  • Capacitor banks with different degrees of protection.
  • Capacitor banks for outdoor installation.
  • Working program 1:2:4:4:, 1:2:4:8:, 1:1:2:2:.
  • Fixed step (for transformer compensation).
  • Higher powers than the above stated.