As an organization dedicated to Research, Development, Marketing, Production, Verification, Technical Assistance Service and After-Sales of Electrical Equipment and Components, its main mission is the Development of innovation and technology to offer comprehensive solutions to the electrical market.


Position to the organization as a reference in the energy efficiency market and the transformation of the society’s energy model to the sustainability.

Valores de LIFASA


  • Writing the future: We create new solutions that inspire curiosity. Agile to serve the world what it needs, let us look at the problems from a different perspective, and always be a step ahead. Let us help transform the use we make of energy, trying to improve day by day. Imagine ways we can explore together because word by word is how good stories are written.
  • Build together: We are keeping a close eye on our needs and those of each person or organization, because we know that collaborating is and has been the key to our success. Because being a partner of our customers and suppliers helps us build a world that can better use energy and because creating together is much more fun and interesting.
  • Let’s move forward with Responsibility: Let us look forwards committed to the future. Being honest and responsible, looking after the environment we share. Natural, honest, and direct with everyone. Creating and inspiring simple solutions, avoiding ostentatiousness and waste. After all, proud to be efficient at everything we do.
  • People here and there: We recognize and value our best asset, people. Let us treat others as we want them to treat us, so that we can give the best of us as human beings. Everyone and everywhere. Opened. Respectful and interested. Drawing bridges that will uncover diversity of cultures and help us expand our experience with each person on the planet.

Our integrated policy is based on the principle of fulfilling the commitments agreed with customers, society, suppliers, partners, and other interested parties; it is therefore widespread and understood by the whole organization and other internal and external stakeholders.