By the end of this year 2020, LIFASA will have supplied 170 Active Filters and 123 Capacitor Banks for the new KAIA Airport in Saudi Arabia. Improving the system with a capacity to reduce harmonics in a range of 24,000A and compensating more than 27Mvar of reactive energy. The project has not yet finished and for the following year there is a forecast to expand capacity by 45% with the LIFASA equipment. It is expected to achieve a 4.2M€ scope in total. Thank you to all partners and suppliers for this success.

Located north of the Jeddah city in Saudi Arabia, it is considered the most important airport by number of passengers in Saudi Arabia and is the third largest air facility in the country, as it is the gateway for Muslim pilgrims in its path to the Makkah.
The new Airport (KAIA), developed in three phases, started in 2006 and officially opened in mid-2019. The project is designed to increase the airport’s annual capacity from 13 million to 80 million passengers.
The 136-meter high air traffic control (ATC) tower (the largest in the world) and with an area of ​​810,000 square meters, the new terminal is considered one of the largest airport terminal buildings of its kind in the world.