LIFASA, International Capacitors S.A., once again, for more than 34 years, has been present in the MATELEC 2018 fair that has taken place in the IFEMA fairground in Madrid from 13th to 16th November.

MATELEC 2018 is the reference fair for the electrical, electronic and telecommunications industry. Under the umbrella of “ePower&Building”, it boosts its ability to attract visitors and becomes the most important event in southern Europe for the materials industry, techniques and construction systems for the building industry.


During the 4 days that the fair lasted, we were able to observe and realize that there was a greater influx of people compared to other years. This is due to a very successful change in the days chosen, being the best choice the second week of November instead of the last week of October, as it coincided with All Saints’ Day.

We had, once again, the opportunity to converse and meet different potential customers with several possible solutions for the compensation of Reactive Energy in their different facilities. As each case is different, we offered a personalized treatment according to each situation, in order to understand and offer the best solution in each situation.

With respect to the competition, we were pleased to be able to maintain open dialogues on the technologies and products that we commercialize each company, to know in what we stand out and in what we can improve. It is important to know and value the different companies in your sector, as healthy competition is synonymous with business growth.