Power factor controllers MCE ADV

Power factor controllers MCE-6 ADV (6 steps) and MCE-12 ADV (12 steps) are designed to measure the requirements of reactive energy of an installation and give the orders of  connection and disconnection of capacitors so as to keep the set up cos φ.

Plug and Play

When a power factor controller is installed, a number of parameters need to be set up for a proper operation. Some of these parameters might be hard to know, such as, for example, the voltage phases or the correspondence of the measured current with its voltage, as well as the current transformer ratio. Controller MCE ADV incorporates a smart automatic process that detects the necessary parameters, such as:

  • C/K: calculates the ratio of the current transformer and the power of the smallest step.
  • Phase: Identifies  the voltage  sequence and correspondence with the current. In other words, it identifies the UL1, UL2, UL3, when the current measured is IL1, IL2, IL3 and whether it has been connected in the opposite way.
  • Number of stages installed and Program: by sequential connection of all steps it finds  out how many steps are installed and then calculates the program, i.e., the power ratio between capacitors.




Installation and polarity of the CT (Current Transformer). The controller allows the user not to have to change phase location where the TC (X/5) is located and/or the reading direction/polarity. The adjustment can be made via the menu on the controller display.

  • Current (A)
    Total RMS current (A) measured from the CT (X/5).
  • Voltage (V)
    RMS voltage (V).
  • THD (%) in Current (A)
    Instantaneous harmonic distortion indicative of current present in the installation in %.
  • MAX (A) & (V) Recording
    It records in memory the maximum system current and voltage values, starting from TC (X/5) and the capacitor bank voltage.

MCE ADV incorporates a LED and an output relay to warn in case that any of the following  circumstances happens:

  • Lack of compensation.
  • Over-compensation.
  • Over-voltage.
  • Over-current.
  • CT unplugged.
  • Current below the limits.

(Note: to perform alarm relay it is necessary to have available one step relay).

Tutorial Video

Supply rated voltage230/400/480 V
Frequency range45 … 65 Hz (automatic adjustment)
Power consumptionMCE ADV-6 –> 3VA (no relays) and 5,5VA (6 relays on)

MCE ADV-12 –> 4VA (no relays) and 8,5VA (12 relays on)

External current transformer/5 A (not included)
Accuracy of voltage measurement1%
Working program selection1.1.1.1.,,, y
Adjustment of cos φ0.85 Ind – 0.95 Cap (digital)
LCD Display1 line x 3 digits x 7 segments + 20 icons
Lecture of cos φLCD Display
Accuracy of cos φ measurement2% ± 1 digit
Adjustment of C/K factor0.02 …1 (digital)
Connection time between steps4 … 999 seg.(10s default)
Reconnection time of capacitors5 times T connection
Climatic range-10/+50ºC
WiringConnection terminal
Degree of protectionIP40 mounted on panel board (as per EN60529)
Safety/InsulationEN61010-1, Cat. III Environment 2
Dimensions144x144mm (hole 138x138mm)
Total depth60mm
Selection number of output relaysMCE ADV-6: 6 relays
MCE ADV-12: 12 relays
Control strategy(program that minimizes the number of switching operations)
Output relays contacts4 A/ 250V AC1
StandardsEN61010, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3, EN61000-6-1, EN61000-6-3 and UL94

Other powers, voltages and frequencies on request.

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Manual29/10/20180.6 MB
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