Rack-Mounting with standard contactors with harmonic filters 7% (189) Hz

The MODF-RACK module includes, in a compact size, all the components necessary to realize the switch of one step for a filter capacitor bank. The MODF-RACK modules are composed of two basic parts: switching block and control block. Both parts are mounted in a small frame to be installed in an electric board.

The MODF-RACK series of power capacitor modules include busbar system, high rupture capacity fuses, contactor, reactor for harmonic protection and low losses power capacitors POLB in one compact unit. The modules are completely wired and ready to be installed on standard cabinets 800x600mm. (W x D).

Voltage 400/440 Vca
Auxiliary voltage230 V
Frequency 50 / 60 Hz
Resonance freq.189 Hz (7%)
Capacitor Tipo POLB
Reactor INR Type (<20 kvar)

INA Type (≥20 kvar)

Fuses NH00
Temperature -40/+ 55ºC
Protection IP00
Installation Indoor
Standards EN 60831

IEC 60831

Other powers, voltages and frequencies on request.

Datasheet 50Hz07/01/20190.1 MB
Datasheet 60Hz07/01/20190.1 MB
Manual07/01/20190.06 MB

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