Lifasa’s cos ϕ correction power capacitors and harmonic filtering for AT are manufactured under the stainless steel container/box base and porcelain terminals. There are two types, depending on the connection mode we are going to use:

  • Single-phase (1 or 2 terminals) with internal fuses for connection to the mains via a double star. Recommended for voltage networks above 11 kV or need of high power equipment.
  • Three-phase (3 terminals) with internal fuses for direct connection to three-phase mains. Recommended for voltage networks below 11 kV.

The internal composition is a group of elements with single-phase capacities in greater or lesser numbers depending on the desired power/capacity and the future working voltage of the capacitor. These groups are associated in parallel series, thus the final capacitor is obtained with a certain power and operation for high three-phase mains voltages.

The rated voltage of the capacitor determines the number of elements in series and the rated power of the capacitor influences the number of elements in parallel.

The above-mentioned capacitive elements are manufactured using “All-film” technology, with a low-loss roughened polypropylene film and extended aluminium film. With this technology, which replaces the previous “paper-film” technology, losses inside the condenser are considerably reduced, being at values of 0.15 W/Kvar and, in addition, in the event of an internal short circuit, the risk of explosion of the container is eliminated, since the paper produced more gases and a greater increase in internal pressure.

Being a rough polypropylene film, the impregnation of the capacitors is faster, since the liquid penetration between the polypropylene layers, between it and the aluminium electrodes, is improved.

The aluminium foil is laser-cut to smooth the edges and reduce the electric field in these areas. By eliminating the microscopic tips existing on the edge of the aluminium cut with traditional techniques, it is possible to increase the threshold voltage of the corona effect, responsible for anomalies in the capacitors, and gives the product a better tolerance to overvoltages.

Construcción alta tensión

According to the recommendations of the IEC 60871-1 standard of 1997, Lifasa’s AT capacitors are able to withstand:

10% overvoltage (1.10 x Un) over the rated voltage 12 hours of every 24 hours.
30% current overload (1.3 x In) over the rated current in continuous operation.

The impregnating liquid used is SAS-40E / M/DBT (JARYLEC C101), a non-chlorinated biodegradable oil (without PCB’s), which has a high resistance to partial discharges and excellent working conditions as a dielectric, in addition to not presenting any type of risk to the environment in the event of failure.

The capacitors are equipped with internal discharge resistors in order to reduce the voltage, after being put out of service, from an initial peak voltage of 1,414 times the nominal voltage to a residual voltage of 75 V 10 minutes according to IEC 60871, or 50 V in 5 minutes according to RAT.

Esquema de condensador de AT

They have an internal protection fuse for each single-phase element, the purpose of which is to prevent the complete disconnection of the capacitor assembly when there is an internal fault due to short circuit or overload, thus isolating the fault and allowing the continuity of service in the rest of the elements.

All this has been the result of the use of the most advanced technologies in this field as well as the most rigorous laboratory and R&D tests.

The wide range of power available to us, in addition to the equipment that can be manufactured according to the customer’s needs, ranges from 25 kvar to 600 kvar per unit per capacitor, all of them with internal fuses and for a wide range of rated voltages.

The tolerance will always be between -5%/+10% according to IEC 60871-1.

General parameters

Three PhaseSingle Phase
TypeAT…AM… / AS…
Power output25 – 500 kvar25 – 600 kvar
Voltage rating1,0 – 11,0 kV1,0 – 24,0 kV
High system Voltage7,2 – 12 kV7,2 – 12 – 17,5 – 24 – 36 kV
Residual voltage and time75V / 10 minutes
(IEC 871)
75V / 10 minutes
(IEC 871)
ImpregnantSAS-40E / M/DBT
Internal connectionStarSingle Phase

Basic Isulation Level (BIL) Table

Maximum system voltage for capacitors conforming to the specification
Power frequency, test voltage kV. 50 Hz 1 min.2028385070
Impulse Level, 1,2kV / 50 μs607595125170
Creepage distance (mm)140190300435600
Type of Capacitor
Single Phase
Three Phase

Ambient air condiction por operation according to IEC: 60871

SymbolTemperature maximumHighest mean over any period of 24 hoursHighest mean over any period of 1 year

Internal fuses

As we have discussed earlier, internal fuse provides protection against total failure of capacito unit, case rupture and explosion. Therefore it is advisable to select capacitor units having internal fuse protection. Table below indicates the rating of capacitor units which are normally having internal fuses:

Rated Voltage [kV]Single Phase Capacitor Power units with internal Fuse
50 kvar75 kvar100 kvar150 kvar200 kvar250 kvar300 kvar350 kvar400 kvar450 kvar500 kvar550 kvar600 kvar