Capacitor with fuses CPF

CPF series are formed by connecting a FML capacitor to a group of high rupturing capacity fuses.

Its construction facilitates connection of the capacitor in installations where individual compensation of motors and transformers is required. It offers effective protection against short circuits.

Rated voltage230 … 440V
Frequency 50 Hz – 60 Hz
Insulation level3 kV rms/15 kV crest
Max. overvoltage1.1 Un (8 h/day)
Max. overcurrent1.3 In
Temperature range-40/+55 ºC
Installation Indoor
Fuses In<63 A: Type D0 In>63 A: Type NH
Rupture capacity of the fusesType D0: 50 kA

Type NH: 120 kA

ColourRAL 7035
Standards for fusesIEC 60269
Standards for capacitorsIEC 60831, EN 60831

Other powers, voltages and frequencies on request.

Datasheet07/01/20190.1 MB
Manual07/01/20190.06 MB

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