Filtering DC capacitor FIL1


FIL capacitors are designed to be used in dc supplies and are intended to filter out ac ripple and to protect the network from momentary voltage spikes and surges.


The self-healing capacitors are produced using specially profiled and wave cut film elements, high cutout resistance, and high reliability. These elements are enclosed in a cylindrical aluminium can, which is filled with a polyurethane resin-gel, non-toxic, environmentally friendly. Housing is provided by an M12 stud for fixing and earthing. The capacitor top is sealed with self extinguishing PU resin. Application where is used does not requires overpressure disconnection. The FIL capacitor may be mounted in any position.

Rated voltage UN DC900 – 1500 V
Insulating voltage UI1500 V
Self inductance LN< 50nH
Dielectric Polypropylene
Capacitance tolerance± 10%
Working temperature– 25 / 70 ºC
Storage temperature– 40 / 70 ºC
Voltage testBetween terminals (during 10s) – 1,5xUN DC

Between terminals & case (during 10s) –  2xUi +1000 V AC

Max. TorqueTerminal points – M6 – 4 Nm

Terminal points – M8 – 5 Nm

Fixing screw – M12 – 5 Nm

Case Cylindrical type
Standard IEC 61071 / EN 61881
Overpressure disconnectionNo

Other powers, voltages and frequencies on request.

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