Capacitor for AC filtering PECA4 (690V)


This  capacitors  are specially  designs for AC  high voltage applications.   Are specially optimized to be used in a high quality AC filters  for compensation devices with high pollution as UPS or wind generators.


Non-impregnated, self-healing capacitors with metallized polypropylene dielectric. Case of Overpressure, capacitor is protected and disconnect himself. Capacitors in cylindrical aluminium cans provided with M12 studs for fixing and earthing. Connection is made by terminal connection.

Three phase capacitor internally delta connected. Connection cables may allow 20 mm movement in case of overpressure disconnection. These capacitors may be mounted in any position.

RMS voltage URMS690 V
Rated voltage UN DC1100 V
Discharge resistorsYes
Dielectric waste≤ 0,2 W/kvar
Total waste Type 2≤ 0,4 W/kvar
Maximum overvoltage1.1 UN
Maximum overcurrent1.3 IN
Insulation level3 kV
Power tolerance– 5 / +10 %
Climatic range– 40 / +50 ºC
Wiring Terminal connection max. : 16 mm2
Internal wiringDelta
Protection rateIP20
Case Cylindrical
Overpressure disconnectionYes
Standard IEC 60831 / IEC 61071

Other powers, voltages and frequencies on request.

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