Network analyser MCA Plus II

The MCA Plus II network analyser is an electronic device that allows the reading of the main advanced parameters of a supply network in the true RMS values.

It is specially designed for its easy installation and set up, it requires the connection of four voltage terminals and three current transformers. The capacitive control keypad in the front allows to change the displayed parameters in a few seconds. The MCA Plus II have LCD backlight display for an easy reading in all light conditions.

New features

  • Suitable for MV and LV installations
  • 4-Quadrant measurement for consumption and generation in the same measurement point
  • High IP protection (Frontal IP65)
  • 2 built-in digital outputs (S0 Interface or alarms)
  • 2 built-in digital outputs by relay
  • 2 built-in digital inputs (tariff selection or external alarms)
  • RS-485 Modbus/RTU Communications
  • Backlight touch keyboard
  • Analog visualizations for instantaneous parameters (Power, MaxPower reach and Cos φor PF)
  • Backlight display
  • LED Alarm indicator
Power suply
Single phase                                        85 … 265 Vac / 95 … 300 Vcc            
Voltage tolerance15 % / +10 %
Frequency50 – 60 Hz
Max. consumption                     4,2 VA
Operating temperature-10ºC  + 50ºC
Humidity (without condensation)5% ~ 95%
Mechanical characteristics
Box material                                      Self extinguishing V0 plastic
ProtectionEquipment assembly (front): IP  54

Non assembled equipment (side and rear cover): IP  21

Dimensions (mm)96 x 96 x 63
Weight0,400  kg
Accuracy class
Voltage                                               0,5 %  ± 2 digits
Current0,5 %  ± 2 digits
Powers1 %  ± 2 digits
Measurement conditionsTemperature:+ 5 ºC   + 45 ºC

Power factor: 0,5 … 1        

Measurement margin (scale range):10….. 100 %       

(Current transformer not included)

Measurement circuit
Nominal voltage phase-neutral    Máx. 300
Between phaseMáx. 520 V ac
Frequency                                                                  45 ~ 65 Hz
Nominal currentIn / 5 A
Permanent overload1,1 In
Current circuit consumption0,75 VA
Transistor output features
Type: Opto-isolated transistor (open collector)       NPN
Maximum operating voltage           24  V dc
Maximum operating current50 mA
Maximum frequency5 pulses/seg.
Length of pulse100 ms
CommunicationRS 485
Cat. III                                                                       300 V ca / 520 ca   EN-61010

Class II double insulation against electric shock


IEC 61000, IEC 61000-4-3, IEC 610004-11, IEC 61000-4-4, IEC 610004-5, EN 61000-6-3,  EN 61000-6-1, EN-61010-1, VDE 0110, UL 94

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