Project Description

Condensador bifásico de alta tensión

Single phase high voltage capacitors

Lifasa’s cos ϕ correction power capacitors and harmonic filtering for AT are manufactured under the stainless steel container/box base and porcelain terminals.

Single-phase (1 or 2 terminals) with internal fuses for connection to the mains via a double star. Recommended for voltage networks above 11 kV or need of high power equipment.

Fabrication Voltages (Un)1 – 24 kV
Powers:25 – 600 kvar unit in Monophasic
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Compliance standards:CEI 60871-1:1997 EN 60871-1:1997
CEI 60871-4:1997 EN 60871-4:1997
Max overvoltage:Un +10% (12 hours of 24 h daily)
Un +15% (30 minutes)
Un +20% (5 minutes)
Un +30% (1 minute)
Overcurrent (according to standard):1,3 * In
Tolerance:-5 / + 10%
Test Voltage (between terminals):4,3 * One DC 10s, o 2,15 * One AC 10 s
Test Voltage (between terminal and tank):Conforms to the IEC standard for 10s
Current limitation:Max. 100 xln
Dielectric Losses:0,07 W / kvar
Total Losses Capacitors:0,15 W / kvar (with discharge resistors and internal fuses)
Insulation Level:20/60 kV; 38/75 kV; 38/95 kV; 50/125 kV; 70/170 kV
Expected standard of living:> 100 000 hours
IP degree of protection:IP 00, interior and exterior
Working temperature category:-25º/C (50ºC)
Humidity:Maximum 95%
Max. working height:1.000 m above sea level
Mounting position:Horizontal / Vertical
Fastening:Side Cards
Internal safety device:Internal fuses
External safety device:(optional) Pressure switch with potential-free contact NA+NC
Cuba:Stainless Steel
Dielectric:Polypropylene film
Impregnant:PCB-free, biodegradable
Discharge Resistors:Included – 75 V residual voltage in 10 min.
Recommended tightening M12:10 Nm
Recommended tightening M10:7 Nm (Ground)

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