IGBT Damping Capacitor DAM3


Damping capacitors DAM are used for protecting semiconductors (IGBT transistors). They are charged and discharged repetitively. Very high peak currents are carried.


The self-healing capacitor elements are enclosed in a rectangular plastic case sealed with PU resin. They are constructed from metallized PP film. Unique capacitor design assures very low values of self inductance and resistance.

Outlets that assure also mechanical fixing are represented by metal bolts. It provides fixing directly to semiconductor module. Design allows connecting several units in parallel, one over the other.

Rated voltage UN DC600 – 1400 V
Self inductance LN≤ 12nH
Dielectric Polypropylene
Capacitance tolerance± 10%
Working temperature– 25 / 70 ºC
Storage temperature– 40 / 70 ºC
Voltage testBetween terminals (during 10s): 1,5xUN DC
Fixing M5


Case Prismatic
Overpressure disconnectionNo
Standard IEC 61071

Other powers, voltages and frequencies on request.

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