Third Harmonic Filter HBF-T

Filters HBF-T are designed for the blockade of 3rd harmonic, reducing the currents of neutral in three-phase installation where there is installed connected between neutral phase. It is basically passive filters with a parallel combination of inductance and condenser, being his advantages of use the following ones:

  • Reduction of the third overtone until a 90%.
  • Significant Reduction of other overtones.
  • Reduction current of neutral absorbed.
  • Reduction of losses in the installation.
  • Reduction of the interferences.
  • Improvement of the power factor.
Phase-neutral tensionUp to 750 V
Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Nominal neutral current (IR)6 … 100 A
Current max. transitory1,5 In(1 min. of each 10 min.)
Construction Metal Cabinet
Degree of protectionIP 00/IP21
Colour Grey RAL 7035
Installation Indoor
Temperature range-10º to +50ºC
Protection IP21

Other powers, voltages and frequencies on request.

Datasheet19/11/20180.2 MB
Manual19/11/20180.2 MB

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