Filter Protection Tuned Out

This solution is appropriate when we have networks with a high level of harmonic distortion and power factor compensation is sought.

The purpose is to prevent overloads due to harmonic current currents in the capacitor, diverting them to the grid. Preventing the capacitor from deteriorating prematurely and reducing possible amplifications and resonances.

This is achieved by placing ballasts in series with the capacitor, so that the filter tuning frequency is between the fundamental and the frequency of the lowest harmonic present, which is usually the 5th order harmonic.

These teams are usually constituted:

  • Metal enclosure up to IP54 or IP00 Rack Type – Indoor or outdoor installation.
  • APR fuses with fusion indicator (depending on the mains voltage) or electronic relay associated with an circuit breaker.
  • Iron core ballast (Indoor use) or air core ballast (Outdoor use and RACK mounting)
  • Vacuum or SF6 contactor / SF6 circuit breaker (depending on mains voltage).
  • Three-phase or single-phase capacitors AT LIFASA equipped with internal fuses (depending on the mains voltage).
  • Control panel including reactive power controller, signals and maneuvers.

Power range

  • From 50 kvar per step up to the requested power. Fully customizable.
  • Up to 36 kV maximum insulation voltage.

Prescription and equipment design

LIFASA, as a manufacturer of capacitors and compensation equipment, offers its experience and knowledge for the design and calculation of the most suitable solution for each installation.

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