LV capacitor banks with DE-TUNED filters for reactive power compensation

The Repsol Industrial Complex in Tarragona is a set of facilities in which a large number of petroleum products are produced. Its importance has been increasing since its inception, as well as its production and storage capacity.

Currently the complex occupies more than 500 hectares. Tarragona Repsol currently has four major areas: refining and chemistry (in the Industrial Complex) and LPG and exploration.

LIFASA was part of the compensation project in its facilities located in Tarragona, supplying several batteries of low voltage capacitors with filters to reduce and compensate the Reactive Energy present in their electrical installations. Therefore, improvements have been implemented in the system of its electrical network, thus improving voltage losses and increasing the power available in the secondary transformers.


Tarragona, Spain


March 2012


LV capacitor banks with DE-TUNED filters