MV capacitor banks for compensation in desalination plant

The objective of the Oropesa del Mar and Cabanes plant is twofold: on the one hand, limiting, by supplying with desalinated water, the exploitation of underground aquifers and on the other guaranteeing water supply (rain or no rain) to Cabanes, Oropesa and Benicassim, among other municipalities, which ensures the supply for some 150,000 people.

LIFASA has supplied an automatic Capacitor Banks of high voltageº for the project carried out at the desalination plant in Oropesa del Mar, for the final customer ELECNOR.

For this reason, the power of the battery covers the Reactive Energy demanded in vacuum by the transformer and part of the one that will demand in load. This integrates 2 three-phase capacitors wired internally in triangle.


Oropesa, Castellón, Spain


March  2014


MV capacitor banks