LV capacitor banks with DE-TUNED filters for reactive power compensation

Petronor or Petróleos del Norte SA is a Spanish oil company, whose corporate purpose is the refining and commercialization of different petroleum products, as well as its derivatives, which was founded in Bilbao (Vizcaya) in 1968 to be able to make a license for the construction and exploitation of a refinery granted by the government of the time to a group of Basque industrialists.

LIFASA supplied the Petronor S.A. refinery. two capacitor banks for its facilities, located in Vizcaya. With the objective of reducing energy losses and gaining environmental sustainability, Petróleos del Norte joined Reactive Energy compensation by installing two batteries of Hight Voltage consendadores in its electrical installations. Thanks to this, the facilities of Petronor S.A. they enjoy several economic and performance advantages: surcharges have been reduced in the electricity bill, energy losses and reduction in voltage drops.


Vizcaya, Spain


December 2016


HV Capacitor banks with filters