IGBT Damping Capacitor DAM2


Damping capacitors DAM are used for protecting semiconductors (IGBT transistors). They are charged and discharged repetitively. Very high peak currents are carried.


The self-healing capacitor elements are enclosed in a rectangular plastic case sealed with PU resin. They are constructed from PP film technology MKP. This enables the unit to carry high inrush currents with low self-inductance and series resistance.

Their terminals allow fixing on the semiconductor. They can be assembled on the position that semiconductor requires.

Rated voltage UN DC2500 – 3600 V
Self inductance LN≤ 12nH
Dielectric Polypropylene
Capacitance tolerance± 10%
Working temperature– 25 / 70 ºC
Storage temperature– 40 / 70 ºC
Voltage testBetween terminals (during 10s): 1,5xUN DC
Fixing M5


Case Prismatic
Overpressure disconnectionNo
Standard IEC 61071

Other powers, voltages and frequencies on request.

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