General Purpose AC/DC Capacitor PECA1


These capacitors are designed to be applied in a non sine wave circuits and pulse currents, such as commutation and snubber circuits. Also can be used as a discharge capacitor, filter or others DC application. This capacitor is special for long life terms circuits.


Non  impregnated,  self-healing capacitors  with metallized polypropylene  dielectric (dry construction). Capacitors  in cylindrical aluminium cans provided with M8 or M12 studs for fixing and earthing. Capacitive elements are fully encapsulated in thermo hardening resin. Connection is made by 6.3 x 0.8 mm faston terminals. These capacitors may be mounted in any position.

RMS voltage URMS350 – 500 V
Rated voltage UN DC630 – 1000 V
Insulating voltage UI1500 V
Dielectric Polypropylene
Capacitance tolerance± 10% (optional ± 5%)
Life expectancy100.000 h.
Working temperature– 25 / 85 ºC
Storage temperature– 40 / 85 ºC
Voltage testBetween terminals (for 10s) – 1,5xUN DC

Between terminals (for 10s) –  2xUi +1000 V AC

Max. screw torqueM8 – 5Nm

M12 – 12Nm

Case Aluminium
Standard IEC 61071
Overpressure disconnectionNo

Other powers, voltages and frequencies on request.

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