Capacitor bank 5300 kvar 10kV for the renovation project of the mining company “Zakarpatieoblenergo” in Rahiv-1

E.NEXT-Ukraine has supplied the LIFASA high voltage capacitor bank for reactive power compensation of 5300 kvar in 10 kV to the transformation substation 110/35/10Kv of Zakarpatieoblenergo in the city of Rahiv, Carpathian region in Ukraine.

LIFASA has carried out the mechanical and electrical design, manufacture and commissioning of the equipment. The power capacitors of the capacitor bank are made according to the most demanding European and international standards, with the use of raw material of maximum quality and biodegradable oil respecting the environment.

The capacitor bank is equipped with all types of protections required by the customer to avoid over/undervoltage problems, peak currents and capacitor failures.

The new capacitor bank has replaced an old one manufactured in the Soviet era, thanks to the compensation of reactive energy the 110kV voltage line has been discharged and the 110/35/10 kV power transformer has stabilized the voltage at 10kV, significantly improving the quality of energy to consumers.




October, 10th 2017


Capacitor bank 5300 kvar 10kV